Curriculum Vitae 

Stavros Georgiades is a highly qualified sculptor who is fortunate to be multi disciplined in having the ability to create art works in any material, varying from stone, wood, bronze to plastics. He graduated in Fine Art from the Technikon Natal in 1990 and then spent two years traveling overseas. He spent the time visiting and teaching in different art institutions and mastering the art of marble carving in Tinos.

He was the driving force behind the establishment of the NGO Durban Art Studio which assisted up and coming artists. He was the owner and creator of Metal Mania, Clay art Studios and Stavodi which designed and produced sculptures and decorative elements for the architectural, film and design industry in Southern Africa. Some mile stone are the Gateway, Pavilion and Rosebank Shopping mall .The Wild coast Sun ,Grand West, Piketburg and Sun City casino . During this time he was also creating sculptures for private collections in America, Japan Australia Germany ,Greece, France, Italy and China.

In 1997 he became the Technical advisor and lecturer at the Technikon Natal Sculpture department. In 2000 he was selected to represent  South Africa In China by creating A 5m Carving out of Granite

His main forte is monumental sculptures and he has done a large number of public and private works in Angola, China, Greece, America and South Africa. He has the ability to create and design realistic or abstract works and has also created a range of gold miniatures representing African artifacts. Stavros Georgiades has also been approached to do portrait busts of prominent political and business men over the years. 

 For the past few years Stavros has also been working  with MTE studios. From the conceptualization  and Art Directing of  the Ibn Battuta mall to designing and creating exhibits for Dubai land ,Topkapi Palace, the Sultans of Science exhibits,the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and other key stone projects.

Work History: 

2004 to present · Sculptor /Art Director 

1999 - 2003 ·  Director of Stavodi Sculpture and Design studio .Manufacture and design art works, sculptures, decorative elements in any material for corporate          

                          and private industry

 1997- 2001·   Technician, Technical advisor and Second year lecturer of the Technikon Natal Sculpture department.

 1996 - 1997·  August until January Production manager of "Swiss Stone Masons", Durban

                         Create stone decorative elements for architects, designers and funeral industry

 1994 - 1995·  Manager and owner of Clay Arte Studio- Mass production of decorative ceramic 

                         Elements for the gift and interior design industry

 1992- 1995  · Manager and owner of Metal Mania – create wrought iron railings, furniture and 

                         Decorative elements

 1992- 1994·   Manager and Owner of Durban Arts and Designs

 1992 ·             Worked at Lost City, Bophuthatswana

 1990 - 1992· Assistant in marble carving studio

                        Assistant in blacksmith workshop


Major Projects: 

2018:- Cape Town stone restoration projects

2016- 2107: Dubai Frame

2016:- Cape Castle - Hermes and Posidon Sculptures  

2012:- Bewegter Wind Art festival  - Kassel (germany)

2003 - present  : Art directing and sculptor on projects for Dubai,   

                       Saudi Arabia, Turkey, America, Canada .England

2004: Angola War memorial

2003: 3 meter sculpture of "Adam expelled from Eden

2003: 4 meter hands for Daimler Benz

2002: Kifangando project, Angola one 9 meter and one 6 meter bronze figures. Sixes 3 x

         2.5 high relief bronze plaques

 2002 – 4: Create props and sculptures for the film industry

2001: Gateway Shopping Centre, Durban: Five 6 meter sport sculptures for the  

          Entertainment hall.

2000- 2: Commissioned to create monumental and architectural works for the new          


2000: Commissioned to create all monumental architectural works for the new section of            

           The Pavilion shopping center, Westville.

2000:  Invitation by mayor of Changchun, China, to carve two 5 and 4 meter marble and

          Granite statues for the Changchun International sculpture gardens. First             

           South African to be selected.

1999:  Sub contracted for function décor for the Wild Coast Sun and Richards Bay

1997:  Resin columns for Dara Salaam Constructed monumental Eagle for Coopers and  


1996:  Traveled throughout Europe Visiting different stone carving studios,

           Carrara; Greece.  

           Marble carving and teaching marble carving to tour groups in Tinos, Greece  

           Creating fountain and monumental sculptures for Swiss Stone Masons

1995: Nu Metro project, Johannesburg Randburg Waterfront. Constructed the Foyer and

          Interior wall designs Monumental work in Marble and Granite for Greek Bishop  



1996: Owner and Designer of Sculpture works and metal creations. Designing and 

          Manufacturing elements for buildings and furniture contracts e.g... Sandton Park  

          Holiday flats, Jhb

1992:  Metal and design works throughout South Africa.



 New signatures Exhibition, 1998 (JHB)

Student Exhibition, 1987, 1988, 1989 (NATAL)

One man exhibition, 1990 (NATAL)

Volkskas Exhibition, 1988,1989,1991,1993 (SOUTHERN AFRICA)

Greece, Tinos exhibition, 1991

Lost City project, 1992, 3 (BOPUTHATSWANA)

Bulawayo project, 1994, 5 (BULLAWAYO)

Randburg Waterfront, Nu Metro Cinemas, 1995 (JHB)

Johannesburg Sandton Park designs, 1995, 6 (JHB)

African Art Center community project, 1998 (NATAL)

Botanic garden Exhibition, 1998 (NATAL)

Durban meets Stuttgart, 1998 (NATAL)

Technikon Natal Staff exhibition, (NATAL)

Jabulissa exhibition, 2000 (SOUTH AFRICA)

Changchun International Sculpture exhibition, 2000 (CHINA)

One man exhibition, NSA, 2001 (NATAL)

Tales of magic, group 2002(Touring S.A.)

Group exhibition, Grosvenor Gallery, 2002(CAPE TOWN)

Group exhibition, Kouros Gallery, 2002 (GREECE)

Symposium 2010 – Penza (Russia)

Symposium 2011 - Mehmels (Germany)




Emma Smith award for best sculptor, 1989, (NATAL)



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